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Life is beautiful. Life is chaotic.

Life is perfect, just the way it is

I’ve always taken lots of photos of my own children, and a lot of them are studio photos when they’re all dressed nicely, posed and in a good mood (although how long that good mood lasts is always the million dollar question!). Looking back on those photos I really love them, but I’ve realized that there are other photos I love even more.

Photos of kidlet #2 playing with his Ninja Turtles (in his pajamas!), photos of kidlet #1 in all the awkward reading positions she sets up for herself, surrounded by her stuffed animals. Photos of them helping make pancakes on a Saturday morning. It’s those everyday details and interactions that I want to remember.

So I really cherish those photos. The loud moments, the chaotic moments, the quiet moments. All of the real moments that I capture when they’re so busy playing that they don’t know I’m there. THAT is my life. The memories I want to hold on to forever. I know that soon they will be tweens, and then teens and these precious childhood memories will be a thing of the past. So I try to capture every little bit of it. Even the parts that seem insignificant.


Do you enjoy fishing together? Walks on the beach? Making s’mores? Going to the playground? Building a blanket fort and snuggling up to watch a movie? The possibilities are endless, so Contact me today and I will capture it for you to treasure for a lifetime.

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